Hey y'all!

I'm Melissa, AKA wife, mom of two wild girls and the one that always has her camera.Photography's something I've always been passionate about, but after becoming a mom i began to realize how important it really is to capture every moment, big or small and i'd love to do the same for you!

Ready to book your shoot?

Picture it: It's a warm summer evening at the beach, the sun is just about to set and we have a photo shoot with you and your family. I'll be jamming to my bluetooth speaker so we get the good vibes rolling and You and your family are playing in the sand, walking down the beach, maybe even getting wet in the water. These are my favorite times to capture photos. I love the organic pictures where you don't have to sit everyone down and just "smile and say cheese". Don't get me wrong I love a good smiling photo but I also love different angles and perspectives.